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Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled support and assistance to ensure that your event is a success.

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Empowering Your Events, Every Step of the Way

Whether you are planning an event as small as a gathering of friends, a wedding, a large corporate conference or an important day in someone's life, and require help during the process of planning and execution, our events support team has got you covered. They can help you with everything from planning to execution and follow-up.

Our mobile bar is perfect for all kinds of events, from weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah to corporate retreats to your CEO's 80th birthday party. We'll bring the drinks, and the party hats.

Our bartenders are highly trained professionals who know how to create delicious drinks that will impress your guests. Not only are our beverage gurus skilled at mixing drinks, but they are also experts at providing top-notch service.

Event à Porter Team

Event Support Services


Coordinating the logistics of an event can be time-consuming and stressful. Our team can handle tasks like transportation, equipment hires, catering deliveries, florist, music, staffing and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Event Planning Assistance

Where we can help you plan every aspect of your event, from selecting the right venue, appropriate catering, suitable production and logistics to creating a detailed schedule.

On-Site Support

On the day of the event, we can be on-site to handle any last-minute issues and ensure that everything runs like clockwork.

Suppliers Management

Our event managers can coordinate with vendors to ensure that they deliver on their promises and provide the services they were hired to provide.

Project Management

We can take charge of the entire project, from conception to execution, and ensure that everything is completed on time. Our team can also help you create a realistic budget and stick to it.

Event Staffing

We meticulously recruit and train our staff and make sure they all have the skills to provide a variety of service styles, from formal sit-down dinners to more casual canape service or buffet-style meals.

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